A Report on Tesla’s Business Operational Activities.

The strategic issues they experience and the impact of these issues on stakeholders.

Report Limitations

  • The research methods used (Access to literature reviews and online materials): Mainly qualitative methods, information on ProQuest, and other online sources. No quantitative methods like surveys and interviews.
  • The available time for compiling this report

Report Organization

Thesis Statement

  • Critically evaluate Tesla’s business operational activities.
  • Apply tools and techniques to analyze the strategic issues that Tesla experiences.
  • Access the impact of Tesla’s strategic issues on their stakeholders.


  • Having different backgrounds and perspectives on how to execute plans and strategies.
  • Influence from the larger group in the organization

The major operational activities that Tesla performs;

  • Design and manufacturing activities
  • Workforce management or human resource management activities
  • Inventory organization activities
  • Logistics and Supply chain management activities.


Using the Pestel Framework to analyze Tesla’s strategic issues

  • Political factors
  • Economical factors
  • Socio-cultural factors
  • Technological factors
  • The increased acceptance and use of internet services on automobile products and services
  • The improved rate of new and evolving technologies globally
  • The increased rate of automation in recent products and services
  • Environmental factors
  • Legal factors

Using Bowman’s Strategy Clock to analyze Tesla’s strategic issues

Using Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze Tesla’s strategic issues

  • The threat of entry
  • The threat of substitutes
  • The power of buyers
  • The power of suppliers
  • The extent of rivalry between competitors

Using SWOT Analysis to analyze Tesla’s strategic issues

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats





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